Rekindle Hope
Client: Pantone

In 1953, an armistice brought the Korean War to an uneasy truce, resulting in 69,000 separated families, and a Military Demarcation Line (MDL) that divides the country.

People used to believe and hope that one day families will be reunited again. But 62 years of state of war have changed the hearts of many to the point where it is almost impossible to even conceive the idea of a united Korea.

With Pantone’s vast library of colors, we saw an opportunity to turn back people’s hearts and rekindle hope by reimagining the MDL.

How? We connect the two nations by making a section of the MDL “disappear” – physically and virtually.


Participants pick a section of the fence and roll up a Pantone swatche on to the wires.
Colors are chosen similar to the scene behind the fence to create the illusion of disappearance.

We bring the section of the MDL that Pantone disappeared to,
and invite people to virtually participate to make the entire MDL disappear.

Where the visual impact of the physical disappearance of the fence is
amplified in this virtual space through the participation of real people.

To participate,

hover over a desired section of the wire fence
and click to write a message to show your support.