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Valentines Day

Edible Arrangements

How do we get people to give beautifully arranged fruits in a pot as a Valentines Day gift? We put them where their minds are at during Valentines day – rom com movies.

Breakfast Beats

Holiday Inn Express

A good breakfast gets you going like a good song gets your toe tapping and your brain in gear.

Tap your food and make music.

At high energy events, combine breakfast and the pumping beats – a mobile Breakfast Club with DJs playing food as instruments. Connect HIE’s delicious breakfast items to Mogees Play sensors which turn the food into music-making interfaces.

More of What Matters


Corona’s laser lime etcher captures the moment that counts
and creates a personalized lime for your Corona - the
cerveza with more of what counts.

Post the moment you want to be etched with #MoreOfWhatMatters

Unlike New York and L.A., Chicago’s Korea town is so dispersed that it feels nonexistent. It’s hard to find store and restaurant info. For business owners, it’s limiting when promoting their business.

Through ChicagoKorea, we bring the dispersed Korean community together in a simple and logical way – by gathering conversations online.